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 I called Amy to see if Russ would be interested in checking out a roof leak for my friends mother. SHe is in her late 70’s. Amy took my number and sent Russ over a few days later. My friends mother was so impressed that he came over because it is a small leak and certainly not a huge money maker for him. He walked her through the potential process and potentiation cost. I know that Russ and his crew are great, but I was so please to see that he was able to help an elderly person. These people are easy to rip off, and Russ treated her like it was his mother. Kudos to Aspen Home Remodeling!

Christopher Nutland

I had such a great experience with Russ, Amy and the whole Aspen Home Remodeling Team! Russ came out to evaluate my situation the same day I called. They are responsive and reliable. I had my roof replaced and I am very happy I went with Aspen. I highly recommend!

Sharon Abenoja Wolfe

I interviewed almost ten contractors for a major renovation in my house, including window, roof, and siding replacement, and in the end we chose Russ. What I like most about Russ is that he is very responsive, he always gets back to me and answers my questions in a timely manner. He also listens to my concerns and tries to resolve issues the best that he can. Overall, Russ is a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

Dongmei Tang

Russ was a pleasure to work with and his team did such a great job. Our friends and neighbors have commented on how great the house looks. His pricing was competitive and great value – he included alot in his price that other companies charged extra. We would work with Aspen again and would highly recommend!

Junior N. Ecca

Everyone uses the expression, “I got a guy”. We needed a new roof and after calling around to several of my friends to inquire if they knew any good roofers, they all replied, “I got a guy”. After calling all their “guys”, and having no one show up, I decided to call Aspen, (they were doing a job around the corner from me, and I saw their sign.) From the owner, Russ, the workers and Amy who works in the office, they are one of the most professional companies that I have ever worked with. They were very accommodating and flexible. Highly recommended and now, “ I got a guy”. (And my guy will show up and do an amazing job!)

Ralph Keefe

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